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When I started drifting, it was all about having fun. A new challenging hobby that brought me all over the world and introduced me to some of the raddest people I’d ever met. It quickly became evident that this passion I had for cars was shared by more of you than I could ever imagine.

All the people I’ve met have influenced car culture in a way they are much too humble to admit. You have all watched their crazy builds and amazing personalities form and grow through your screens. My dream was to bring these big personalities, crazy builds, and rowdy drivers together from around the world, immerse them in local car scenes and together with you guys to put on the most-exciting events the car world has ever seen.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and compete across the world, but I’ve found that big competitions can often rob the fun that got us all into this amazing sport. We will bridge the gap between competitive drifting and fun festival style events to create a show that’s not only fun to watch – but challenging and rewarding for the drivers as well. If every driver and every fan walks away with a smile on their face – that’s something special. We made it happen in Ireland at the first ever LZ Festival – and now we’re taking it worldwide.

The LZ World Tour is here, it’s happening and we promise to bring you guys the most fun, entertaining and unpredictable shows imaginable. We know what you guys want to see … because it’s the same action that gets us stoked. I can’t wait to see you all on the most ambitious journey we have ever taken. This is going to be a year we’ll never forget!

– Adam LZ